just because I read, doesn’t mean I can write

This is my first attempt at a blog, and I will be the first to tell you so.  I love reading about other people’s lives and thought “Why don’t I do this?”  My goal is to entertain, encourage and share, about me, my family, my life, and following God throughout it all.  Do I fail in the last part?  Oh, my, most definitely.  Do I fail my children?  Oh, yes, just ask them.  Will anyone want to read my blog?  If I pay them. 

I am constantly thinking of things to write, and I have decided to call my blog “Bopperworld”.  My nickname growing up was Tina Bopper, and my older brother still calls me bopper, along with my college roommate.  I love the nickname, so I use it whenever possible.  I think I bopped people a lot as a kid, maybe, who knows.  What is a “bop”?  I liked the song “mmmbop” and I know there is a game called “Bop It”, so am I in good company? Don’t tell me if I’m not.

I am currently an older mom, who gets asked at least once a month “oh, are these your grandchildren?” Why, no, is that your original nose and where are all your teeth?  I had to cradle rob my husband so we just started really late.  I married the love of my life (okay, maybe the third love of my life, but he will be the LAST love of my life, I promise) 11 years ago, after I pursued him with the tenacity of my seven year old asking for a cookie.  He (my husband, not the seven year old, who I will call “weatherman” for this blog), makes me very happy 87% of the time, which I think is pretty good, considering.  He is quiet, extremely funny, very smart, and super sexy to me.  Weatherman is seven, and is a little anal retentive like his mom and a lot interested in the weather; he is me but in his dad’s image.  My second-born is super funny, super energetic, and loves me the most, I think.  I will call him Gymnast, because he has done nothing but handstands, cartwheels and parallel bars between the couch and kitchen table since last week, when we started watching the Olympics. I might change his name…pay attention.  Caboose is number three, and thank God he is the caboose.  He is funny, beautiful and more than I banked on when I saw that positive pregnancy test on September 10, 2009, and I cried and cried and hubs smiled and laughed (along with everyone else we knew), but number three son has brought us lots of joy (and lots of gasps, as he takes after Gymnast in climbing).

I love this unit we call a family.  Hello…are you ready for this?  I am not telling about this blog, so if hubs finds out, well, I might be done.


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