Princess, Diva and Sweet Pea: Goddaughters Extrordinaire

Back in 1985 or so, there were these two girls in a freshman English class. One was loud, foul-mouthed, and obnoxious, and the other was as quiet as the other was loud, refined and shy. These two hooked up because they were the only “cool” ones in the class (so their very small minds thought) and a life-long friendship was born. The quiet one is my best friend, and has been for about 28 years. I didn’t really like her when I first met her, she was quiet which I thought meant she was stuck-up, and I really never gave her a second glance. When she was the only person I knew in Mrs. Farris’ class, I knew I better suck up to her or I’d be eating lunch by myself every day. Fortunately, she liked me, and she still does today, I’m pretty sure. I have a best friend in the Hubs, but BFF always takes my side and always laughs at my jokes, no matter what. She listens to me and knows my story. I am blessed to have several good friends, but BFF surpasses these in longevity, and we have history.

BFF has three daughters. The oldest one, who I am naming Princess for this blog, has just turned 16. This one, oh this one…she makes me laugh just like I make her mom laugh. I was there throughout her childhood, and I remember this one time when she woke up from a nap and I held her in my lap while we were sitting in the floor, her sweaty, little head under my chin…I remember thinking, “This is special, this is real, there will come a time when I will really want to remember this”. Princess has turned into this amazing young woman, who’s not afraid to dance in front of people, who says what she thinks. She’s also the one when the family dog had her leg amputated because of being hit by a car, said, “Peee-yeeeww, take her outside, she stinks.” That is still one story I tell. Princess is my first born goddaughter, and holds a place in my heart that will always be hers.

Goddaughter #2 is Diva. She is 14 months younger than Princess, and I can remember clearly the day she was born; I was the first person to lay eyes on her. I was in the delivery room with her birth, and that experience makes me smile even now, 15 years later. She was beautiful then, and more beautiful now. She is smart, funny, and well-put together. She is a fashionista incarnate. It might take her 2 hours to get ready (not really, but close), but those two hours are well spent. She also reminds me of Meg Ryan’s character in “When Harry Met Sally”. Remember how when Sally ordered she wanted everything on the side? That is totally Diva. “I’d like the dressing on the side, and if it touches, please put the lettuce on the side, and the tomatoes on the side, and if the cook was born in January I am not eating at all”. Okay, maybe not that bad but close. But she does love well, and she has a heart for the broken. The same dog that Princess said stunk and should be moved outside, moved Diva to tears, and she loved and waited on that dog until the dog died. Diva still loves those less fortunate, and tries to help whenever she can. Diva always makes my day, and knows how best to stroke my ego too, which makes her one of my favorites.

Goddaughter #3 I will call Sweet Pea. She looks the most like her mom. Boy, does she. I still remember the call her mom made to me…”I’m pregnant”, she said. “No, you’re not”, I said, laughing. She wasn’t laughing. I was pregnant with number 2 then myself, and couldn’t believe she was starting over. Sweet Pea, though, has been a blessing from the beginning, saving BFF from herself and providing her with a very good reason to keep on keeping on. I know her the least, but my boys love her the most, and our lives would not be complete without her.

So Princess has been asking me to blog about her for awhile, now. I attended her 16th birthday party last weekend, and thought it time to introduce them to my (limited) readers. We as a family are so blessed in having this other family, and they are family. BFF considers herself a sister wife (not in the physical sense, I promise), but while recovering from some issues then recovery from a major car accident, she stayed with our family for about 6 weeks, and Hubs said at one point when I asked him a question, “whatever my wives want.” The Bible says that two are better than one, because when one falls the other can help him up. I say the more family the better; more love, more fun, and more people to place the blame on later when your therapist is asking those tough questions. I just wish we could buy a big house and all live together. BFF really was a good sister wife.


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