Where Do You Want to Eat?

I have a friend who is a little naïve, and I love her. She is very sheltered, and has very high moral standards as well.  She keeps me on my toes, and I am a better person when I am around her, because I know she expects me to be.

Which makes this story even more hilarious.  My friend and  her husband are in Birmingham, our local big city, and they are ready for lunch.  Husband suggests several restaurants, and the familiarity makes them desirable but not, know what I mean?  My friend shoots him down, saying, “We always eat here and there, I am ready for something different.”  So they are out and about near a big mall and she notices a newer restaurant, with the name “Twin Peaks”.

Now my Hubs is a googler. I should say “Googler”, because he is like a Gunslinger of old with a faster-than-the-eye-can-see draw when it comes to googling something. I will ask a question and Hubs can tell me the answer before I can get the question mark out.

Obviously, Friend’s Husband is not a “Googler”.  She tells me that the sign outside says, “Good Food, Good Service, Great Views”, or something along the lines of this.  So they think this is going to be a really good restaurant with pictures of mountain views inside.

By this time in the story, I am already giggling, because I know what type of restaurant this is.  I can’t remember how, but I knew that it was one of THOSE restaurants, where there are more breasts and thighs on the staff than just on your plate.

So Friend and Husband agree on this restaurant, because Friend really wants something “different”.  It’s lunch and she is really hungry.  And as she reads the sign about great views, she says to herself, “Wow, I bet they have some great artwork in there.”

So they walk in, and almost immediately she sees that this might not be an ideal place for her and Husband to be having their noon meal.  She said that the waitress was very friendly, but had forgotten half of her attire, and that Husband never looked up from his menu or from his meal.  She said that he divided his attention between the baseball game on TV and the advertisements on the table, and never made eye contact or any other contact with their waitress.

I am hysterically laughing at this point, and almost totally lose it when she told me that after texting her dad about the type of place they were dining, her dad texted back, ” ‘BUTT’ is the food good?”  I was crying at that point.

So the moral of this story isn’t much of one, except maybe it’s not a bad thing to eat a restaurant that is an “oldie but a goodie”, and that the magnificence of the view depends  a lot on the viewer.  I am pretty sure that I won’t be eating there anytime soon.


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